When are my donuts made?

Our small-batch donuts are baked from scratch daily in one of our three Chicago-land bakeries. Our bakers begin the process in the early hours and continue throughout the morning.

Why aren’t ALL the donuts available ALL the time?

We do our best to set our production levels based on pre-orders and consumer trends. It is, however, unpredictable at times.

Do you have a gluten free donut?

We do offer a gluten-free/vegan donut, however, it is produced in the same kitchen as full gluten/dairy donuts

Which Donuts are nut-free?

We try our hardest to bake and decorate donuts with nuts separate from non-nut creations, however, all batches use the same equipment. We recommend asking a shop team member which donuts, if any, are safe.

How big are your birthday cake donuts?

Our birthday cake donuts are two yeast donuts stacked high, Roughly 4” in height and 3” across. Our birthday Cake Donuts comfortably feed 2-3 guests.

What are my donuts fried in?

Vegetable shortening. No lard is used in our production

Do I want catering or delivery?

If you are ordering 5 dozen or less, you can pre- order your donuts directly for pick up or delivery through our website. For 5 dozen or more, please reach out to our catering department: Events@firecakesdonuts.com. A catering fee is assessed based on distance.

How far will you deliver?

We can deliver 10 miles from Chicago city center. For deliveries outside of the city limits, a third-party delivery service may be used.

Can you ship out of state?

Not at this time, however, delivering out of state will be available soon

Can we book Billy the food truck for events?

Yes! Contact events@firecakesdonuts.com or call 312-550-7397 for more information. Our food truck is an original 1968 Citron, one of 13 still operating in the US. It is named after our owner’s Grandfather, the inspiration behind Firecakes. Billy can service Chicago and the immediate suburbs within a 10 mile range. Hourly rates apply.

I want something I don’t see on your menu, can you make it?

Custom orders are handled on a per-order basis. Ask to speak with a supervisor, or connect with our catering department: Events@firecakesdonuts.com